Immigration Forms

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The USCIS forms are in PDF format. To view, print, or fill out these forms, you should have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Incomplete forms will be rejected. So to submit your application correctly, remember to read any notices, warnings, or explanations on the Forms Entry Page (FEP) before you print (or download) the form itself, fill it out and send it to USCIS. Do not forget to verify the filing location of the forms for the specific benefit you are seeking.

Immigration (“I”) or naturalization (“N”) forms come with detailed instructions which has information regarding where to file and those instructions will differ with specific circumstances. If you do not file the forms with the appropriate office or with the correct fee, your application or petition will be returned to you which will result in further delay in processing.

Fees and Fee Waiver Information :

A submission fee is required for most immigration forms and the fee has to be mailed along with the completed application. Make sure you include your payment of all required fees, including any fingerprint fees, while submitting your application. Checks should be payable to “Department of Homeland Security.” USCIS will then inform you of the time and place where your fingerprints will be taken.

If you cannot afford to pay the fee, you may apply for and be granted a fee waiver while filing certain immigration forms. Under such instances, you have to file Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, for requesting a fee waiver. The instructions page that come with Form I-912 has information on the methodology that USCIS uses to make a decision on a fee waiver request, whether the request is submitted on Form I-912 or through a written statement by the applicant requesting a fee waiver. The USCIS will determine whether you are receiving a means-tested benefit, or reviewing whether your household income level and/or recent financial hardship makes you eligible for the fee waiver.

Photographic Requirements:

Most immigration forms require photographs to be submitted with the application package and the photo specifications are given in the form instructions.

“Fillable” Immigration Forms :

Forms are provided in a format that allows you to fill them out on your computer, print them out, and mail it to the appropriate USCIS office. Some of the forms are rather large files. To use them easily, you can download them directly to your local computer, instead of filling them out through your web browser. As mentioned earlier, you should use the latest version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free.




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