Welcoming Immigrants to the United States

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The United States, more than any other country ever lures the downtrodden, the persecuted, and all those who dream to cash in on the opportunities in the US. America willingly accepts those who come here honestly, having strong work ethics, in search of opportunities of the American Dream. One of the major reasons for the success of American immigration is its deliberate and policy of patriotic assimilation. America welcomes immigrants while stressing the importance of learning and knowing its civic and political culture. While the debates continue regarding the number of immigrants US should accept and procedures through which they should become citizens, there has always been a widespread belief that those who come here should become Americans.

The result of this assimilation policy resulted in strengthening of social capital and the expansion of the US economy. When America was founded, this American theory of citizenship was totally new to the world. All citizens, native/naturalized have the right to civil and religious liberty as a matter of right. Every immigrant is required to conduct themselves as good citizens of the US and be faithful to American constitutional government.

Immigrants add to the moral capital of the US, bringing with them the attributes needed for the effective workings of free government. Immigration by itself brings a diversity of beliefs to the US. Naturalization is the process through which immigrants become citizens voluntarily. The Naturalization process works differently in the US than it does in other countries. A foreigner of any ethnic heritage or racial background can come to the US and become an American. This is possible in the US because of its openness to diverse backgrounds. Through the immigration laws, the people of the US approve immigrants joining them, under certain conditions, as residents, and in many cases, as citizens.

As immigrants lack the natural advantage of having been born and raised in the US, they are required to receive specific education in the history and political ideas of the US. They are welcomed for the many contributions they make and also because they accept the allegiance inherent in US citizenship. The word citizen is associated with membership and participation in one particular political order. So becoming a citizen of the US means having a primary allegiance to America. There is a constitutional responsibility to establish an uniform rule of naturalization to ensure the fairness and integrity of the process by which immigrants enter the US, become permanent residents and gain citizenship.


Coming to the United States Without a Visa

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Through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), nationals of 36 countries can travel to the US for tourism or business (B visa purposes only) and stay for a maximum of 90 days or less without getting a visa that is otherwise required for persons entering the US. The VWP was actually started to remove unnecessary barriers while traveling, to stimulate the tourism industry, and permit the Department of State (DoS) to concentrate its consular resources in other areas.

Persons eligible under the VWP can also apply for a visa, if they want to. It is important to note that persons from VWP countries have to fulfill certain eligibility requirements for them to travel without a visa. So it is not that all the persons from VWP countries can travel through this program. If you are choosing to travel under this program, you should have a valid authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before your travel. You will be screened at the port of entry into the US and be enrolled in the Department of Homeland Security’s US-VISIT program.

So how does your country qualify under this program? Your country must meet various security and other requirements, which includes enhanced law enforcement and security-related data sharing with the US and timely reporting of both blank and issued lost and stolen passports. Your country should also maintain high counter terrorism, law enforcement, border control, and document security standards. Even if your country meets the requirements of the VWP, note that designation as a VWP country is at the discretion of the United States government.

Countries such as Canada, Mexico and Bermuda are not a part of the Visa Waiver Program. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act , there are other provisions for nationals of Canada and Bermuda to travel without a visa under certain circumstances. As these countries do not fall under the Visa Waiver Program, VWP requirements for machine-readable or biometric passports do not apply to them. Remember that some nationals of Canada and Bermuda traveling to the US should have non immigrant visas.

Another feature of this program is that VWP travelers who have been admitted can make a short trip to Canada, Mexico or an adjacent island. They can be re enter the US under the VWP for the balance of their original admission period.

Do You Qualify for the 2014 DV Lottery Program?

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The 2014 DV lottery program will be open from 2nd October 2012 to 3rd November 2012. This lottery program is conducted by the US Department of State Kentucky Consular Center through which 50,000 visas are given to people from different regions. To qualify for this program, you have to meet a couple of simple eligibility requirements.

  • You have to be a native of a qualifying country.
  • You should have a minimum high school education or you should have professional working experience of 2 years during the last five years. This also means that applicants below the age of 18 will not qualify.

There are no paper based applications and you have to submit an application online.All applicants are not allowed to submit more than one application during a year. Submitting more than one entry will lead to direct rejection of all our entries. If you are married, make sure to include the name of your spouse, and details of his/her nationality. Also remember to include the same information of your child(ren) below the age of 21. If your spouse or children are US citizens, there is no need to include information about them in the form.

Selection Process

The Kentucky Consular Center is the place where the selection process takes place. Here all the entries will be checked for accuracy and entries that are incomplete will be set aside. Other applications that are error free and complete will be assigned a unique case number, also known as registration number. A computer will shortlist or rather select 50,000 applications randomly. It is selected in such a way that each application has equal chances of getting selected in this lottery program. Each selected application is then assigned a serial number. For example, the first randomly selected entry will be numbered 1; second will be numbered 2, third as 3 and so on.

Applicants will be able to check the results only through the online entry check at the official website using the confirmation number they would have received at the time of filing. Remember that the online check is the only way to check the results. So if you receive any mails or emails stating that you have been selected in the DV lottery program, just ignore it. Those are mails sent to cheat you. Selected candidates will get further instructions and information about fees.

After you get a confirmation of an interview with immigration authorities, you will have at least one month to 6 weeks time. If you are eligible for a visa and all goes well in the interview, you will get a visa to enter the US. Every year, the selected applications in this program is more than the number of visas that will be issued. This is due to the fact that not every selected applicant will be eligible for a visa nor does everyone choose to complete the green card lottery process. The program closes for the year once all 50,000 visas are issued.

2014 Diversity Visa Lottery Program

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Per the Department of State website, registrations for the DV-2014 Lottery Program will start on October 2, 2012 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and finish on November 3, 2012 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

It is a known fact that this green card lottery program grants 50,000 diversity immigrant visas to people from many eligible countries. There are a few simple eligibility requirements to be met to qualify for an immigrant visa through the DV lottery program. You should have a high school completion certificate or worked for two years in a qualifying occupation. As far as education is concerned, you should have completed a twelve year course of primary and secondary education that is equal to a twelve year education in the US.

If you wish to immigrate to the US, the DV lottery program proves handy. Normally you should have a US citizen or green card holder in your family to sponsor you for a green card. Whereas that requirement is not needed for the DV lottery. One disadvantage of this program is that not all can participate in this program. The US Department of State has a list of eligible countries. These countries qualify as very few persons from these countries have moved to the US in the past and remember only persons from such eligible countries can participate in this green card lottery program.

File the application only if you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa to come to the US. You should also be admissible into the US. Getting selected in this program alone does not make you eligible to get an immigrant visa . You have to go through various other processes. You will be needed to furnish certain documents to prove that you are eligible.

Submitting multiple entries will lead to rejection. Ensure that you submit only one entry. But you are allowed to submit separate applications for yourself and your spouse if each meet the eligibility requirements separately. If one of you is selected, the other automatically gets derivative status. At the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), all the applications received will be numbered separately and winners will be selected randomly by a computer from among all the entries received for each geographic region. All the applications have the same chance of winning. Normally, you can get a green card through a family member or through employment. If you do not have relatives or employers to sponsor, this DV lottery is a great opportunity.

Lawsuit Against DACA Administration

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The President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme turned into a hot election issue according to an advisor to Mitt Romney who launched a lawsuit against these issues. Also Kris Kobach, an advisor to the Romney campaign on immigration have filled a lawsuit against Administration claiming that DACA made it impossible for them to do their jobs.

The Obama’s new decision DACA was introduced last week, allows illegal immigrants to stay away from deportation for two years with work permit.

The DACA programme is not allowing agents to do their jobs and they are duty bound, by federal law, to detain and verify illegal immigrants but federal appointees are restricting them to do so.

They also argue that the DACA programme “unconstitutionally usurps and encroaches upon the legislative powers of Congress.”

The lawsuit claims that laws can be made by Congress in the US. So for political reason President has introduced DACA program to attract votes from the Hispanic community. Many of Undocumented young immigrants belong to Hispanic ethnicity, the Republicans point out.

Mr Kobach told Fox News yesterday that “the Obama administration has ordered federal law enforcement agents to break the law, to ignore the laws that they’re supposed to enforce and, in the case of the ICE officers, to actually break federal laws that say you’re supposed to deport certain people. And in each case, the Obama administration seems to be doing so for political reasons.”

At present, Polling suggests that Obama has more support that is 63% compared to Romney’s Republicans have 28% Hispanic support.

Questioning Obama’s New Administration Policy

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The President Obama’s new administration policy to provide security against deportation faced by undocumented immigrants who entered US as children and stayed in US for 5 years with good academic or military records.

Doebler and nine other ICE agents launched a lawsuit against Obama’s new policy and they argue that this policy made it impossible for them to do their job.

Roy Beck, an advocacy group for more restrictive immigration that is bankrolling the lawsuit told CNN on Friday about goal of lawsuit is to force a court to check whether the new administration policy is legal. Beck also said that we wouldn’t be pleased if it is legal adding, we also strongly believe that President doesn’t have rights to this.

According to Pacheco, the political director of United We Dream Obama’s new policy is a political plan to get more votes in election time.

“I can’t imagine any judge would even give them standing to file the case, much less decide it on the merits,” Toobin, CNN senior legal analyst said. “I am unaware of any law that allows federal employees to challenge the legality of the actions of their superiors.”

According to the lawsuit, Doebler “arrested an alien who was unlawfully present in the United States and issued the alien an NTA (notice to appear), contrary to the general directions of his supervisors that he should decline to issue NTAs to certain illegal aliens.”

Obama made clear that the new policy for undocumented young immigrants was intended to be a temporary step until Congress comes up with new law that considers this situation.

Undocumented Immigrants Granted With Driver License

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Few years ago, undocumented immigrants who knew driving and had passport identity would easily get license by states. This was supported by many leading law enforcement officials and decided to keep it away from the immigration issue. This policy was in a state until 9/11 but 9/11 affected rights or privilege extended to undocumented immigrants and process of getting driver’s license became difficult.

But now Obama has come up with new decision to grant driver’s license to undocumented immigrants with the right to remain in United States for two years without the threat of deportation. About 400,000 undocumented immigrants are getting benefited to stay in United State without fear.

With continuous approach of California Gov. Jerry Brown and has spoken against changing the law to allow undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses.

“At the end of the day, it’s a state-issued document, and the state has the authority to determine who is eligible for that document,” said Iran Grossman, vice president of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, in an interview with CNN.

California has already laid the groundwork to issue the driver’s license to member of deferral program so President along with California should be congratulated.